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So it’s early May, the weather is questionable at best and there isn’t a great deal to do, luckly I happen to live in the midlands, making roadtrips to more exciting places, quite easy.

So I made a plan to go on a mini roadtrip to Liverpool, I know the city doesn’t scream excitment, but as I had never been for years it seemed like plan.

Once there I found a city filled with beautiful buildings, interesting museums.and friendly people.


After roaming around the city centre and the new Liverpool One shopping centre, I decided to head to the more historical areas of the city, (the grand old building lend themselves to pictures better I feel)

After walking around for a few hours I happened upon Liverpool Docks which became the highlight of my trip, with the Liver building, Liverpool Museum and Ecco centre, the area is well worth a visit and all of it looks great through a lense

I for sure, will be visiting Liverpool again, because with all large citys, one day is not enough (well the good ones anyway), so it has set me up for another road trip in the furure, I just have to hope for better weather.

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