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As early as I can rembember, we used to go to North Wales on weekend breaks, we had a caravan near Abergele, the perfect mix of a small market town and holiday destination, sadly we got rid of the caravan after it became less used and more expencive.

My trips to the Colwyn Bay area are now just day trips, trips that bring back memorys of being a child, going to the beach, visiting the castles and crab fishing in Conwy harbor plus much more.

The last one of my trips was last week, the sun had come out, I didn’t have work, so I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and then I made my way to Llandudno, one of the nicest sea side towns I have ever visited, then onto Conwy, a picturesque town nestled between the Castle and the bay, made famous by one house.


Britains smallest house, a tiny building right on the quay, built to be used by fishermen, but now a tourist attraction, one thats well worth a visit.

We all have a place that takes us back to our younger days, im lucky that mines quite near to where I live, wheres yours?

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