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chester Not far from my neck of the woods, is the city of Chester, the beautiful county town of Cheshire, unlike the larger cities of the North West, Chester hasn’t had mass development in the city centre, meaning that its is filled with beautiful period buildings and stunning urban vistas.The city is somewhere I love to visit and photograph, there is always somewhere that I have missed on previous visits, this time i centered around the cathedral and main shopping streets,

ches 2

filled with wonderful independent shops and restaurants, with its raised pathways built beside the street, with beautiful shopfronts, taking you back to a bygone age, providing amazing shot opportunities.

I for one feel that the 1960’s was a dark age for architecture and meant a lot of towns and cities lost some stunning buildings, Chester isn’t one f these places and it means i love going back there to explore and photograph, not sure where my next adventure will take me, but I do have a backlog of pictures from some of my previous trips and a little back story.

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