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I have come lately to this show, but I’m glad I finally watched it, because, with its mix of horror, plot twists and intriguing characters, American Horror Story is a dark gem which makes me sad that there aren’t more horror-themed television programs, with the ones that are produced being aimed at a younger audience, whereas American Horror is dark and foreboding, drawing the viewer in, leaving them thinking that they will never know the full story and slightly ill-at-ease.

The cast of the first series is perfect, Connie Britton provides a perfect female lead, starting off as a strong woman attempting to keep her family together after catching her husband in bed with one of his students, but it’s Dylan McDermott’s portrayal of Ben, the grounding character of the show, keeping, counteracting the craziness of all the other characters and the continuing mental instability of his wife that stops the show from going off the edge

But it’s not the living that steal the show, it’s the ghosts, the ever-growing group of lost souls that are stuck in the house forever, each plotting and scheming for their own gain, some interacting with the living, some that still believe they are living, they are the reason to keep watching


The program is made in a nonlinear way, combining the past and present to develop the plot, bringing you interesting twists in every episode, making you wonderer who is good and who is bad, what the end will be and worry about the family that have wandered into this dark place, but also feel sorry for the spirits that have had such heartache in this place, leading you to wonder who or what it is that has made this house so evil.

If you’re into supernatural horror, then this is the perfect program for you, the dark gothic overtones will leave you feeling scared and wanting more, luckily there is a second series, with a third on its way, I just hope that this brings about a new selection on dark horror television programs because television is the perfect medium for horror as it means you can develop the characters more and the foreboding, before jumping into the scares, sadly something that is rare in horror cinema these days, when the jump horror is key.


Recently there have been a lot of multi-cast productions, it was only a matter of time till one with a darker edge was made, luckily they didn’t drop the ball in production, or make it to water down, the show is the right mix of scary and happy, if you enjoy great character development as well as a ghost, this is a must-watch

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