Film Review | Amber Alert

Time is running out

Amber Alert (2012)

Director: Kerry Bellessa

Starring: Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill, Jasen Wade

Genre: Mystery/Horror

Release Date: November 2nd 2012

Certificate: R


Scowling through Netflix, looking for a film to watch, I noticed an interesting cover photo in the independent section, Amber Alert, the story of three friends, who when on a road trip, spot a car that’s been mentioned in an Amber alert and follow, hoping to help recover the missing child.

Now if you like me and not a resident of the US, you may well be asking what is the Amber Alert today or what is the meaning of Amber Alert? When a child abduction takes place, any details about the vehicle they might be in gets posted all over electronic road signage and on all radio stations, so that people will look out for that car and hopefully contact the police if they spot it or the child.

Filmed in a found footage style, the movie moves along at a fast pace, with the three friends disagreeing about the best course of action, or if they should intervene at all, but after implanting a microphone in the suspicious car, they know that they have to follow and do the right thing, expect to see plenty of shots of the driver and passenger seat, with the mood dipping and rising, arguments arising, which to me seem realistic, you wouldn’t know what to do, or how to go about doing it, so the first half of the film is just the three of them following and on the phone to the police, with things getting more hurried when they realise that they are the best chance the little girl has of getting away from her abductor.

The cast does a great job of conveying the different emotions they go through, though you only really see two of them for the entire movie, you have Samantha (Bellessa) and Nathan, (Hill), who far in friend zone as its humanly possible to be, (we’ve all been there), both have differing views on what they should do, Samantha wants to keep going until the girl is safe and Nathan is much more happy to just let the police do their job, the third friend Celeb is nothing more than a talking voice really, someone neutral, counteracting the fighting between Sam and Nathan, which is a good thing as you would get sick of it after 15 minutes.

Summer is the most memorable thing about this movie, she injects all the emotion and sense of urgency, keeping the film going, even after every setback that the group come across, you believe that she really cares about finding this little girl and I fully expect to see her in other films, least I hope so.

The film isn’t the usual found footage movie, with the characters not worrying about their own safety, instead concerned more for the safety of someone that they have never met and no connection with, it takes an interesting look at how far a person/people would go to save an abducted child, even put your own life in danger to help, with a real sense that time is running out, I quite liked the film and it made for an above average found fiction thriller

4 Panda

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