Review: Megan is Missing

Let me just start by saying this film contains one of the most disturbing hard to watch scenes I have ever seen, something more discussing than any torture porn Saw knock off, what makes it worse is that I didn’t expect it either.


Megan is missing is the story of two missing girls, Megan (Rachel Quinn) and Amy (Amber Perkins), told via webcam, phone, camera and television reports, showing the dangers of online predators, this film isn’t for the faint heated as it contains some pretty graphic scenes of rape and torture, gore and will leave you feeling a little sick.

This review took a few days for me to write because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the movie, when I first started watching it, the film seemed quite familiar, two girls talking about boys and going to parties, Megan is more popular and even though she’s only 14, is no stranger to sex, drugs and alcohol, which you come to understand after particularly harrowing monologue, in which she explains that she has lived a less than perfect childhood.

Amy on the other hand is a model student, who leads a happy home life, but doesn’t fit in, both actresses play their parts well, especially Amber, who you’ll see go from a girl trying hard to fit in but still refrain from growing up to much, to someone coping with the disappearance of her best friend, the first half of this film belongs to Rachel’s portrayal of Megan and her escaping her home life, through a succession of parties, sex and drugs.


the second half however, is all about Amy and her dealing with some of the same issues that befell her friend, this makes the film feel as though it is two separate stories that start off by taking you one direction, making you think it is just a straight forward tale of the last few days before the girls go missing, before pulling you another way,  becoming a more graphic film that depicts the girls struggles against a truly evil sexual predator, especially Amy as she becomes the focal point of the film after Megan’s disappearance and as the most likable character, you really hope she makes is back home okay.

Recently there have been a few found footage/docu-horror hybrids being made, such as Lake Mungo and The Tunnel, both I quite enjoy, so this film making style is known to me and it didn’t let me down when it came to quality and it has made me think about it for a few days now, for this I give the film credit, but unlike Lake Mungo and The Tunnel, it’s not a film I wish to watch again in any hurry, not down to its quality or acting, it’s more down to me not being a fan of torture porn horror, which in this film, I really wasn’t expecting it, if you are a fan of that type of horror, then this is for you, also if you should watch it for the amazing acting of the two young actresses, who keep you watching, even when all you really want to do it turn away.


The film will stay with you for a long time, for both good and bad reasons, but I would suggest watching it at least once, as it is possibly one of the strongest film that deals with the subject of internet predators and abduction, without going over the top or becoming unbelievable, whilst not flinching when it comes to some of the more hard to watch parts.

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