The 2007 US film One Day Like Rain (Paul Todisco 2007), is a low-budget independent production, melding elements of teen drama, doomsday science fiction and Californian mysticism into a cryptic, David Lynch influenced tale about a teenage girl living in California suburbia, dreaming about a metaphysical experiment designed to save the world from what she sees as an impending doom, but the results of such an experiment prove to be both beneficial and destructive.

This film was Nominated for the Jury Prize at the Seattle film Festival, Official Selection for the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival and the Syracuse International Film Festival
This film is a very interesting film that has great acting and cinematography, staring Samantha FiguraMarina Resa & Jesse Eisenberg, sadly for all it’s trying. you will get lost in the plot and spend a large portion of the time, waiting for something worthwhile to happen, thought this is the kind of thing that happens when your dealing with open ended storytelling, I’m not saying this is a bad film, just one you will either love and think of a s a cult classic or you will fall asleep watching, but at least the strange animation sequences, will entertain you, mainly as they are so ‘out there’ and trippy,
I find it hard to be harsh on the film as I saw it for free on the now shut down, Indie Movies Online, which showcased little knows indie movies, it is an interesting film and given it’s budget, the film did a relatively good job, it’s never going to be on anyones top ten list, but I can see it making a fair few top 50’s.

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