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As promised in my last post, instead of talking about any new adventures (mainly as I haven’t had one recently), I’m going to tell you about some of my other road trips, starting with the most recent one.

Back in November, I happened upon two tickets to see Maximo Park in Manchester, a band I have wanted to see for a while and a city I haven’t visited before, seemed like a pretty good idea, especially if it means I can bring one of my closest friends, Dean (@newmusicupfront) along, for 3 crazy days in Madchester.

First off if your planning a trip, it helps if you live near each other, as the price of getting anywhere on public transport is stupidly expensive, closely followed by the price of a half decent place to stay the night, luckily through we lucked out on a hotel, the Britannia Sachas, is this art-deco hotel located near Piccadilly Gardens, with a pool and gym, it meant we could work off our hangovers before we went exploring, one downside to this hotel is we had a room without windows (which I have experienced before, in Birmingham), it makes telling the time very interesting.

William McCue

After the hassle of driving round an unknown city, trying find a carpark close enough to the hotel, booking in and relaxing, we decided to have a look around, find food and research where to go that night before and after the gig, (sadly there isn’t an national nightlife website, with up to date clubs/pubs), but we stumbled upon some cracking pubs, before the gig.

Maximo park put on a good show, even if your not really into rock music, you should go see Maximo, who on this occasion were supported by a french band called La Femme, an interesting, chic indie band from Paris, quite a contrast to Maximo, but seemed to warm the crowd up nicely, ready for the eruption of sound when Maximo came out, giving me a taste of how they sound live, mixing old classics with new material, providing a wonderful show and setting Dean and I up for a cracking evening, which involved lashing of drinks and memories that will last with me forever.

Valentin Petkov

The next day, we put of going to the gym till the evening as we were in no fit state, so we wondered around the city centre, looking to find some hidden gems, which involved taking Dean to Barburrito for the first time, somewhere I will always visit when in Liverpool, so i hunted down Manchester’s one, the rest of the day involved a lot of walking and around the shopping centres and art galleries, making for a great time, before another night of beer, clubs and pubs, resulting in a good winter break.

Manchester is a world famous city and has a lot to boast about and I hope to go back to visit again.

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