Top 5 films I want to see in 2013

Here is a quick rundown of the 5 horror films that I can’t wait to see/ hope are as good as they look from their trailers and plots

5. The Last Exorcism 2: Beginning of the End


God help me, i am a sucker for found footage horror, with The Last Exorcism being one of the better found footage horrors and exorcism movies to come out of Hollywood, hopefully this doesn’t go the same way as Quarantine 2 and not stay true to what made the first one so good, but instead making a blander, home mainstream horror.

4. Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral


Not much in the way of plot points for this one yet and I know the 2nd one wasn’t nearly as good as the first, drifting away from the creepiness of hearing the Jeepers Creepers song when he is near, but I expect number 3 to return to its roots, because the first film is special to me because of it being the first horror film I saw on my own (literally no one else in the theatre, though that might be down to it being 2pm on a monday in Rhyl), so I hope it makes up for the second film being more of a teen slasher and not explaining more about Jeepers himself.

3. Evil Dead


2013 brings the remake of the 1981 cult classic, promising to be the darkest, and most disturbing  Evil Dead yet, revolving around five twenty-something fiends trip to a secluded cabin in the woods, becomes a fight for survival after discovering the Book of the Dead, unwittingly releasing demons and spirits loose, each hellbent on death and destruction, the original is one of the few older horror movies that I actually like, (there’s something about seeing a jerry curl or mullet, that takes me out of the horror), so I am hoping that this film doesn’t do what most remakes do and screw up, but instead make the same movie but darker and better effects.

2. Dark Skies


Dark Skies is a horror thriller, from the producer of Sinister and Paranormal Activity, about a couple from the burbs, whose live become a nightmare when a presence comes into their homes at night to pray on their children,  but with society not believing them, they are made to deal with the increasing level of events that are ripping their lives apart, Im hoping that this film is just as good as Sinister, though doesn’t make me want to avoid my loft for 2 months.

1. Mama


The Spanish recently have been making some of the best horror cinema (along with the Austrians), with Mama looking to follow in the footsteps as REC and The Devils Backbone. The plot is about a young couple, Annabel and Lucas, who inherit Lucas’ young nieces, who were found alone in the forrest, after five years of being missing, but as they start to settle back into normal society, strange occurrences start to happen, with the girls attributing that to a ghostly woman they believe to be their mother.

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