Film Review | The Final Patient

This film is something I wasn’t expecting back in 2010
This movie is not a face-paced slasher and its not a supernatural suspense-filled film, instead, it’s a film that leaves you feeling a little uneasy with the ending, this is what’s so good about it, you don’t know what going to happen next and when it will happen. Made in the same mould as Paranormal Activity, with a low budget, but still surpasses the high budget star machines, this independent film was made for the low film budget of $482K.
Willy Jenkins and his roommate Cameron Streckman have just finished medical school and are spending some time travelling together before starting their medical residencies. making a detour to the small rural town, that Willy grew up, they stop for a meal and happen to over-hear the intriguing story about the strength of the retired physician and Willy’s acquaintance Dr Daniel Green, but when they go to investigate they soon discover that Dr Green’s “miracle” comes with a horrifying price and a fate far worse than growing old.
The Final Paitent 2005
When I first started watching the film, I was expecting it to be a standard haunted house horror film, which if it was being made today, would have been made as a found footage movie, with a small cast and a low budget, but the Final Patient turned out to be a slow-burning look at what someone would do to stay alive forever, it looks at how tired you get of being immortal, especially you are forced to be by someone who can’t bear to live without you, for a small budgeted movie, the plot was a lot deeper than I was expecting, it is just a shame that it has flown so far under the radar that you are unlikely to find it on DVD anytime soon.

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