Film | REC Vs. Quarantine

There is something about watching a film in another language that makes it creeper


Sometime over the week, I will be reviewing the Spanish hit horror REC and the trilogy of films as a whole, comparing it to the American remake, Quarantine and also exploring the remaking of horror films in general, wether it’s really necessary to remake it, if it’s just the viewer being lazy, or the studios not wanting to invest in an unknown film when really they can remake a film thats been a hit already, this can mean that some of the subtle nuances of the original , can be lost in the translation, but sometime, it can take a different turn, like in the Quarantine, sequel and it’s departure from the direction that the REC sequels went in, which came as a bit of a suprise to me as I expected it to just remake REC 2 but I will go into this more, in the full review.


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