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So recently I visited Haughmond Abbey, near to Shrewsbury, it was somewhere I had driven past many times, but never visited, sadly the abbey isn’t open to the public until late spring, but your still able to walk around the outside, luckily I had the good fortune to visit


The abbey, just as the sun was setting, this meant I could get some beautiful shots of the ruins, as the sun went down over it, as well as some great shots of the Shropshire Landscape.

Haughmond Abbey is a ruined medieval monastery, near to Shrewsbury, surrounded by mile after mile of countryside, both are a treat to photograph on a sunny spring evening, when you can lose yourself in thoughts of all that had been there before you and all that are yet to come, I find places like this, an excellent place to sit and think, surrounded by the by the ruins and countryside, if ever your near Shrewsbury and need to get away from noise and people for a few hours, you should make the trip to Haughmond Abbey


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