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White Night, by indie rock band The Postelles, is the polar opposite of Almost Lover, it’s a face paced, with a happy go lucky summer feeling, despite the song having a darker undertone, with its lyrics being broken down to be about drug addiction, with it’s sense of euphoria, followed by a come down, this, however, doesn’t take away from the song, it just adds a little depth to a fun, indie rock song, one that will make you want to dance, getting you in the mood for a lively weekend (no drugs needed)

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Gabriel by British electronic trip-hop artists Lamb, is a what I woke to on Saturday morning, purely by fluke, as it was the first song on shuffle, but oddly it was perfect for a lazy morning in bed, well all ten minutes I had before jumping in the car and heading off to enjoy another day of working in retail, this song used to be on repeat on my  iPod, for a long time, but I had forgotten about it and it’s religious overtones and it’s slow melody, which was written about the birth of a child and it’s changing effect on the life of the parent, becoming their world and everything they live for.

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Animal by Neon Trees, probably their best known song, written about the space between friendship and a relationship, the awkward grey area that everyone has been in at some point, the song is upbeat and has a pop-punk feeling, that gets you in the mood to hit town, forget your situation and enjoy yourself, which was exactly what I wanted to do after a full day at work.

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Sunday MorningImage

Almost Lover, by American singer-songwriter Alison Sudol, better known by her stage name of A Fine Frenzy, has been in my top ten songs ever since I first heard the slow poetic lyrics, detailing the post-breakup feelings and the lingering remorse for a what was lost, Alison’s voice carries the emotion well, portraying a situation that everyone has been in, in mourning for a former relationship, damaged and showing emotionally scared, but at the same time, wishing the other person happiness, the perfect song for a sunday morning.

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Sunday Night


Stones by British singer-songwriter Barbarossa/James Mathe is a beautiful and haunting story about dealing with setbacks in your past, experiences that make you scared to take the leap and move on, I first heard this song on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and since then I have been hooked, the sad poetry fitted the situation perfectly and needs to be heard a lot more than it has been.

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As you can tell, this weekend was a mix of singer-songwriters and pop indie rock, with the perfect contrast of slow melodies and upbeat tunes, that seemed to fit the situations I was experiencing completely, which is a rare experience and I can’t wait to find out what will be the songs of next weekend.

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