My Weekend in Song 2

Friday Evening


Chocolate – The 1975

, Be prepared, this song will get stuck in your head, like it has been stuck in mine all of Friday evening, this catchy song by Manchester-based The 1975, is hard to dislike, even with it’s subject matter, smoking cannabis (chocolate) and avoiding the police,, Chocolate is a strange mix of mainstream indie rock and a look at teenage life in the UK, reminding me a little of the Arctic Monkeys first album, both bands used mainstream techniques to get across their message and achieve commercial success.

The 1975 start their European tour on the 2nd of May in Liverpool, hitting venues all over the UK, including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, London, Glasgow and Nottingham, so be sure to check them out.

Saturday Morning


Lovely 2 C U – Goldfrapp 

In contrast to last weekend, my morning was a little more lively and my music choices have reflected that, with the synthesizer dance stylings of the English electronic double act of Goldfrapp, I have been a fan of these two for a while, ever since I first heard the slow jazz stylings of Utopia, of their first album, Felt Mountain, but today I was more interested in something a little more upbeat, concentrating more on their 3rd album, Supernature, which was probably their most successful work to date, including the hugely popular Ooh La La, that you couldn’t escape from in the summer of 2005, my personal favourite though is Lovely 2 C U, which is one of those songs that just gets you pumped up, making it perfect for a morning when your struggling to motivate yourself to get up and do something worthwhile with your Saturday.

Goldfrapp are currently working on their sixth album, expected to be released summer 2013, it will be interesting to see what sound they go for, if they stick with the electro-dance feel of Supernature and Head First or more of an ambient feel, like in Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree, maybe a hybrid of the two, some of the electro-folk that they are famous for.

Saturday Afternoon

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos - by Noa MaggerAsaf Avidan & The Mojo’s – One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)

‘One day baby, we’ll be old’, this was the sentiment of my Saturday night, sadly not quite as wild as the one in the music video to the Israeli singer/songwriter Asaf Avidan’s European mega song One Day/Reckoning Song, which feels as if you put  Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters and Joss Stone in a room together and this is the sound you would end up with, maybe with a hint of Gotye, combining to make a wonderful mix of relaxed house beats and indie folk, leaving you want to listen over and over again, to the haunting lyrics that has risen to number 1, all over Europe, sadly the UK missed out on this wonderful song, that makes me think of warm summer evenings and living while young.

Asaf will be performing the only UK stop of his European tour, on the 6th of June at the Union Chapel in London, expect a sell out at this hugely popular Islington venue.

Sunday Morning


King Charles – Lady Percy

My Sunday morning was mainly made up of the hard to dislike, King Charles (Charles Costa), the West London singer-songwriter, formally of Adventure Playground, is unique to say the last, with his bouffant dreadlocks, Whiplash moustache and a wardrobe filled with velvet and period dress, you can’t expect his music to be any less unique, combining indie pop rock with Caribbean instruments, resulting in a very happy go lucky sound and catchy lyrics, that even on a cold April morning, can make you feel like your on a beach somewhere warm, the whole feel of King Charles is not to take life too seriously and just have fun, this is something that the music industry needs, not every song has to have a political message and made to change the world, some are just made to produce a smile on your face, this is exactly what King Charles does with his version of Baroque-Reggae mix.

King Charles feels like he is always on tour, with a full summer of festivals booked up, covering both the UK and Ireland, if you get a chance to catch one of his gigs, you should make an effort to catch one.

Sunday Evening

Stealing_SheepStealing Sheep – Shut-Eye

By the end of the weekend, I was feeling pretty summery, so I looked back over what I was listening to last summer when I was in Scotland for Rockness, this resulted in going back to the all-female folk crossover band Stealing Sheep, with their harmonies and upbeat percussion, this psych-folk feel, is relaxing and a charm to listen to, their sound is hard to really describe as they move between genres, settling somewhere in the middle, producing a multi-layered sound, that will become more defined over time,

Expect to see Stealing Sheep at a festival near you, with most of their spring and summer dates being at some on the UK’s biggest festivals, including Glastonbury and 2000 Trees

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