Sweet, a New Men In Black Movie, Oh Wait……

Ryan Reynolds is back, with the overly familiar R.I.P.D, based on the popular Rest In Peace Department comic book, effectively a cross between Men In Black and Ghostbusters, with Ryan Reynolds playing a young cop, Nick Cruz Walker, who after being shot and killed while on duty, he is inducted into R.I.P.D, a afterlife policing agency, where he is partnered up with a seasoned crime fighter Roy Pulsipher, played by Jeff Bridges, together they are responsible for undead in check and finding the man that killed Nick.


Even thought this film reminds me a lot of Men In Black, I will still most likely end up going to see this film, it looks like it could be a fun sci-fi/ police film, perfect for the summer months, just don’t go expecting any groundbreaking plot points.


Coming to a cinema near you, sometime in July

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