Yalcin Varnali

Today one of the art related Facebook pages brought the photography of Yalcin Varnali to my attention, his expertise in long exposure seascape and landscapes are truly somthing to behold.


Usually in black and white, these images are dreamlike in nature, with a smooth, clean feel, they are stunning to look at, these pictures have a lonely feel, placing the viewer, alone in a deserted landscape.


You can tell that Varnali has spent years homing his skills, developing some haunting photographic technics, focusing in objects that are deserted/isolated, left to decay, with only the wind to keep it company.


That’s where the long exposure comes into its own, showing the movement of the clouds, producing movement in an otherwise still landscape, void of both colour and life, this gives you a hint of what it would be like to live somewhere that isolated.


For more information or more pictures, go to http://www.yalcinvarnali.com

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