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Pretty much all of last week, I had Grimes blasting out of every speaker I own, but this changed once I heard the interesting Ms Mr song Hurricane, feeling like a mixture of modern folk electro with late 90’s massive attack, it is clear why it is currently being given a lot of air play on the radio, as both indie folk and 90’s esque music are both going through a revival of popularity.Image

After hearing hurricane, i decided to explore the rest of their album, Secondhand Rapture, which is filled with plenty of interesting and beautiful compositions, each combining to make a solid debut album, with a mixture of both upbeat and more laid back songs, the feeling of summer is evident through out the album and makes this perfect for the start of the UK festival season, or just driving around.


Ms Mr have announced that they will be touring the UK this summer, just in time for when the British countryside is filled with music festivals, so expect to hear them everywhere, between june and september, with any of the songs from Secondhand Rapture, being a perfect fit for a lazy summer evening.

Tour Dates

  • 15th of July – Academy 3, Manchester
  • 16th of July – Temple, The Institute, Birmingham
  • 17th of July – The Electric Ballroom, London


  1. I love MS MR! Think of You is an amazing song! I would love to catch them live.

  2. They were so amazing live! If you haven’t seen their video for Think of You, have a look!!

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