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Room 237 (2012)
Room 237 (2012)

Plot – An exploration of various interpretations of Stanley Kubrick’s horror film, The Shining (1980). Room 237.

Director – Rodney Ascher

Starring: Bill Blakemore, Geoffrey Cocks, Juli Kearns

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: October 26th 2012

Certificate: 15

It’s been a while since I have watched The Shiningbut like the poster says, ‘Some movies stay with you forever and The Shining, most defiantly is one of them, exploring all the different theories and hidden meanings that run through a film can be difficult at the best of times, but The Shining takes things to another level, everyone has a different theory behind what the meanings are, why certain items were placed where they were and why it was shot from a particular angle.

This is what Room 237 explores, documenting the views of Bill Blakemore, Geoffrey Cocks, Juli Kearns, John Fell Ryan and Jay Weidner and Buffy Visick, each explaining what The Shining meant to them and what they felt Kubrick was attempting to say, I really enjoyed the documentary, delving deep into one of the great horror classics, looking at the camera angles, the mise-en-scene and the editing, attempting to break down what it is that has kept people fascinated with this cult classic.

Room 237
Room 237 (2012)

If you’re a fan of horror in the slightest, you should watch this film

Rating: 3 out of 5.



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