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While searching around the internet for inspiration for articles, I have a tendency to stumble upon a multitude of wonderfully unique websites and blogs, which gave me the idea of featuring a few of my favorites on here, starting with the Little Blog of Horrors blog by 23 year old Glaswegian blogger Ayden.

Little Blog of Horrors Header

This blog is a wonderful mixture of animation, photography and positive life stories, which I first found, while searching for blogs on horror films, but instead I discovered an uplifting look into the exciting life of Ayden, moving between blogging genres, from food to music to tattoos and much more, meaning that your almost guaranteed to find something that you like to read about (pretty much law of averages) and as Ayden seems to have a pretty varied life, working freelance in the entertainment industry, it just makes for a pretty varied and unique blog.

Ayden © Little Blog of Horrors

With all the traveling that Ayden does, is is no wonder that the blog has become a pretty awesome travel blog, covering all the excursions that she finds herself on, covering locations from all over the world, which is evident in her article that chronicles a weekend away in the Doubletree Hotel in Dunblane and most recently all the build up to her future trip to Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

Doubletree Hotel courtesy of Ayden
Doubletree Hotel – © Little Blog Of Horrors
ayden copy
© Little Blog of Horrors

The beautiful yet simplistic style is both welcoming and friendly, with stunning photography and animations, that attract the eye and draw you in, something that is aided by the bright and vibrant colours, which suits the whole bright, bubbly and happy go lucky, feel of the blog, filled with talk of cups of tea and beautiful images, finished off with this charming sign-off, something that you will see at the bottom of every one of Aydens entries.

Finding this blog wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting when I first set off looking for a horror blogs, but what’s life without surprises, especially good ones that lead to more inspiration than I was expecting, that is why I decided to lead with Little Blog of Horrors as my first article on this subject, because without it, there would be no Roses Have Thoughts, as it was Little Blog of Horrors that made me want to launch my own blog.

©Little Blog of Horrors

Every one of Aydens articles is a treat to read, from start to finish, so why not  follow Ayden on Twitter or on bloglovin and experience for yourself, the charm of Little Blog of Horrors.

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