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Cute, unique and hard to pigeon hole, that is pretty much what comes to mind when you stumble upon the Little Owls Diary, written by 22 year old Salopian blogger, Sapphire, a self confessed fashion, anime and manga addict, with a taste for K-pop and cosplay, all of which combine to produce a blog that successfully combines Asian influences with European youth culture.


The Little Owls Diary is about as unique as you can get, taking the best of Japanese teen sub culture and mixing it with both beauty and fashion tips, resulting in a colourful and inviting blog, a one stop shop for those of you who are thinking about developing your own style, not necessarily the same style as Sapphires, but giving you great ideas as to where to start and how to customize your clothing, to bring your personality to the forefront of your style.Image

Fashion and beauty really are the backbone of the blog, with an interesting look at how Sapphire takes High-street clothing and alters  them to create something more fitting to her own personnel style, along with make-up tips for creating a look that is both striking and beautiful, a look that is mirrored in the design of the blog, simplistic, light and artistic, that comes across charming and almost cartoon like in nature.

boomThe blog also contains a sections dedicated to both cos-play (costume play) and reviews from some of the cosmetics and clothing that Saphire has sampled as well as stories from some of the photo shoots and expos that she visits in her seemingly hectic schedule.


Little Owl Diary is primarily a genre blog, straddling the beauty and fashion genres, something that has given it a loyal following, who are treated to interesting stories, beautiful anime art, fashion and make-up reviews and a glimpse into the often misunderstood cos-play community, humanizing something that to some can seem alien in nature, but the way Sapphire writes about her adventures, you don’t necessarily have to be into any of the genres to enjoy her posts and maybe one day it might convince you to try something new.

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