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Expansive, beautiful and bleak, the three words that first come to mind when I first saw one of Mikko’s photographs, Finnish photographer Mikko, only started taking photographs back in 2008, but in a short period of time, gone on to become one of my favourite photographers, capturing a series of dreamlike images, depicting humanity living in an expensive landscape.

Courtesy of Mikko Largerstedt

His images are simple, yet elegant, almost drained of life, but showing nature in all her beauty, it is almost as if Mikko has found a fine line in which to walk, where he simultaneously creates an image that seems to celebrate the complexity of nature, while also making it appear simple, giving you a very atmospheric image that leaves you in a far off place, wandering around the deserted landscape or rural Finland and the Arctic.

Endless Depths © Mikko Largerstedt

Solitude is big in Mikko’s work, a sense of being alone, just you and the wild, somewhere almost haunting in nature, as if you are seeing the image through fog, or it is a cloudy memory of a dream, this is a wonderful gift that Mikko has, where he can transport you away to a place and time that you have never been to, just by drawing you into the photograph.

Still Standing © Mikko Largerstedt
Hypnotic © Mikko Largerstedt

If you enjoy atmospheric and haunting imagery, then Mikko’s work is deferentially for you, his way of mixing a dream-like state with the wild is something that is quite hard to pull off, more of Mikko’s work can be found at or why not follow him on Twitter.

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