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Vintage is big right now, it’s tre hipster and the amount of young people cruising charity shops has grown exponentially over the last few years, this has also meant that vintage shops have been popping up all over the place, so on a recent trip to the Kent town of Maidstone, I decide to check out some of these shops and attempt to understand what has made selling old stuff, big business. Image Before heading to Kent, I did a little research into what I should see while I was there, what shops were worth a visit, this lead me to discovering Trash or Treasure, a quirky boutique shop that’s hidden away down a small alley, dealing in items from old postcards and vintage photographs, to retro furniture and oddity’s from the 50s & 60s to the late 90’s.Image It was great to be able to root around in old leather suitcases, filled to the brim with photographs, comic books and old ticket stubs, something that I hadn’t had much experience of in the past, but it was cool to discover something that has been around longer than I have and makes you wonder what adventures it has been on, to lead it to your hand, this might well be what draws people to vintage shopping, in a world where everything is mass produced, you can own something unique and with it’s own story,  2013-08-03 14.38.56 HDR_edited Vintage was everywhere in Maidstone, from the clothing stores, to the charity shops, even the art galleries had touched of retro, with old cameras decorating the shelves and paintings hung on the wall, with an almost nostalgic feeling to each of them, it felt to me as if modernity had been replaced with a longing to return to the 70’s, clearly kitsch is king.

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