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I recently decided that I needed more new music in my life as I had resorted to listening to a lot of Sam Cooke and Ben E King (something I do a lot, when I want to hear great vocals), so I asked my friend Dean (of New Music Upfront fame), for some cool new bands and singers, his response was to tell me about Haim, a three piece girl band from California, whose mixture of late 80’s/early 90’s rock sound meets reggae, combines to produce a pretty unique sound, especially with some of their more pop folk songs, a genre which is currently one of the most crowded.

Haim aren’t your typical chick-rock band, for one they are sisters, but also they seem to of avoided falling into the stereotypes that most of the modern day female lead rock bands can be placed in, either the over popify bands, with songs aimed at the tween market, or the ones that overcompensate with the man bashing and coming off as slightly jaded/whiny, Haim however, remind me of a time when female rock bands such as Letters to Cleo, Save Ferris and Tadpole were knocking about, (roughly about 1995), but they also keep their sound fresh, by oddly enough, mixing in a very 80’s sound, something which is most evident in their song Falling,

2013 is fast becoming a pretty major year for them, after playing a series major festivals including both Glastonbury and Itunes, they have started to receive some rather major awards, including top ranking on the BBC’s sound of 2013, not bad for a band, that have yet to release an album, just a succession of EP’s, though I fully expect that when an album appears, it will become one of the best this year and their latest song, The Wire, to be one of the most played, between now and Christmas, as it is stupidly catchy, to the point where it is stuck in your head all day.

Haim are touring the UK for most of the December, with gigs in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and London, so if you live near to one of these cities, you should get yourselves to one of their shows, as Haim look like one of the best acts to see in 2013.

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