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If your blog has cool photographs, chances are, I will like it, this is certainly true of the travel/fashion blog Elegant Chaos, home to the musings of Lindsey, a 20 year old blogger from Shropshire, with a flair for writing about beautiful clothing combinations and styling products.

Notebook © Elegant Chaos

Elegant Chaos has a great look to it, which is difficult to achieve with blogger hosted blogs, which sometimes can look a little uniform, instead Lindsey has created perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, which when combined with well written articles, filled with a happy go lucky feel and beautiful imagery, can make you want to keep reading and exploring, this especially evident in the articles on Lindsey’s recent trip to France,

Tunnel © Elegant Chaos

This blog is a cracking read, even if beauty/fashion centred blogs aren’t your thing, the pictures that accompany Lindsey’s articles, should be enough to make you want to subscribe to a blog that is both visually stimulating and continually interesting.

Autumn Shades © Elegant Chaos

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