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Given that Birmingham is pretty much the spiritual home of rock, it’s of no surprise that one of the best rock clubs in the county is situated in the city, the Asylum, is the biggest alternative venue in the Midlands and home to the amazing Uprawr club night.


I have been clubbing all over the country, mostly being dragged to the standard night life experience of chart music and cheesy hits from the 80’s and 90’s, this doesn’t bother me to much as I am quite eclectic, but after a while, it can become quite boring to just visit carbon copies of the same club, so when I heard about the Asylum, I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

I was told that Uprawr on a Saturday night, is the best night to go, (those from Camden and Newcastle, will also be familiar with this brand), you’ll struggle to find a quiet Saturday, as it always seems to be filled to the brim with people looking for a good time, usually people of a rock loving persuasion, but don’t worry if that isn’t your thing, on the last Saturday of every month, it’s Birthday Sex, where the upstairs of the Asylum is handed over to dj’s with more of a charts feel.

For a club with a tattoos and rock feel, the venue is extremely welcoming and I have yet to see any trouble kicking off, apart from the obligatory mosh/circle pits, that add to the atmosphere of the alternative venue, just be prepared to have an absinthe shot or two.

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