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When talking about fashion, it’s not just creative writing that brings in the followers, the imagery is also very important, it can be the thing which sets your blog apart, especially in the highly competitive female fashion blogging market, so using a combination of different mediums, such as photography, videos and sketches, can be paramount to the success of the blog, this is something that my chosen blog of the month does extremely well.

© Paige Joanna Calvert

Paige Joanna is the brainchild of twenty-something illustrator Paige Calvert, whose eye for artistic detail can be seen in all aspects of the blog, with subtle artistic nuances being noticeable in all articles, from the framing of the photography to the vintage-styled banner, welcoming you to the blog and perfectly suiting the feel of the blog as a whole.

© Paige Joanna Calvert

Paige’s style is a beautifully crafted combination vintage urban chic meets top-end High street, combining to produce a wonderful collection of fashion tips that create a year-round wardrobe for well-dressed females about town, but don’t worry if like myself, you happen to have a Y chromosome, Paige has now started to take tentative steps into male fashion market, which given Paige’s eye for detail, I personally look forwards to seeing some of the clothing combinations that she suggests for Autumn/Winter.

© Paige Joanna Calvert

Strangely enough, it’s not actually the fashion-oriented images that are my favourites, instead, it is the images of food and bric-a-brac, mixed in with the stories of Paige’s hugely interesting adventures, notably in her article revolving around her day at the fairy tale themed wedding of fellow blogger Megan, lending itself perfectly to close up photography and stylised editing, adding to the magical feeling and resulting in some stunning shots.

© Paige Joanna Calvert
© Paige Joanna Calvert
© Paige Joanna Calvert

Paige Joanna is a welcoming and friendly blog, which is both of it’s time and with one foot in a by-gone age, mirrored in Paige’s outfits, heartwarming stories and happy go lucky imagery, which leaves you feeling uplifted and looking forwards to reading her next article.

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