What I learnt last week

For the last week or so, I have been working in the lovely town of Reading in Berkshire, followed off with a trip back to where I went to University, the unique town of High Wycombe, here are a few images of my time in the Home Counties.

But is it art shop in Reading

Over the weekend I rediscovered But is it art, a groovy shop selling everything from cool art prints and postcards, to interesting gifts that you don’t know you needed, until you walk into the shop.

Reading High Street
St Laurence’s Church, Reading

One of the best kept secrets of High Wycombe is the Hell Fire Caves, a series of man made tunnels that burrow down into the Chilterns hillside, these cave are a cool journey into the debauchery of 18th Century England and explore the dark past that the caves hold.

Hell Fire Caves, West Wycombe

The great thing about Buckinghamshire is that it is filled with picturesque little villages, such as West Wycombe, somewhere that is filled with loads of half timbered buildings and in the Autumn, with the turning leaves, is somewhere that you can spend hours, feeling like you have fallen back in time.

West Wycombe
West Wycombe
Aviary Photo_130268489800616569
St Laurence’s Church, West Wycombe

High Wycombe itself is just like most towns of a curtain size, it has some pretty buildings and a load of not so pretty buildings, but my university is placed right in the middle, with it’s library towering high above the towns skyline, something a little unique to Wycombe.

Buckinghamshire New University, High Wycombe
All Saints Church, High Wycombe

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