What I learnt last week

Over the last week I learn’t that my addiction to note books/journals is still going strong, with another couple joining the collection, both of which are beautifully leather bound, which I picked up at Birmingham German Market


I now own a scary looking wooden monkey pencil, which wouldn’t look out of place in a horror film.


Buying my Christmas presents is going to be quite easy, given that I tend to like anything that is Coca Cola branded, including this amazing snow globe, that I have discovered in BHS.


For some reason, I have developed the same dress code as Lucas Bryant has in Haven, a smart casual look, which earth tones, which fit right into the autumn/winter feel.


Which included picking up this beaut of a waistcoat in H&M, a shop that recently has become my shop of choice  for a more grown up look. 

2013-11-06 14.04.13_edited

In other news, stylish belts can be challenging to find, but not as hard as vests are (don’t judge me, it’s cold out), I’m well behind on Christmas presents, with only Gemma’s (Stop0Play0Listen) purchased, though I am formulating a plan for the others, I’m not sure if I can go a year without seeing my house mate Dean (New Music Upfront), though his Australian adventures seem to be going well and I’m expecting many many postcards and finally, Kaori (Manz Fashion) has become a welcome resource for new bands/music, including introducing me to noisetrade.com, where you can download thousands of independent albums for free.


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