Blog of the month – Hold the front page

Fashion, beauty, film and music, the four things that combine to make Hold the front page, Novembers blog of the month.


Brain child of 21 year old, Middlesbrough blogger Sophie Butcher, Hold the front page is an interesting combination of topics, ranging from from film & music reviews to fashion and beauty tips, mixing together to produce an engaging blend of stories, all of which are written in an upbeat and joyful manner, thus making Hold the front page one of my favourite reads.


Being a bit of a film geek, it is of no surprise that it’s the film/television reviews that I most enjoy reading, these articles are always eloquently written, they are enjoyable whilst being absorbing and thought provoking and is especially evident in some of the longer, more detailed reviews, such as Sophie’s review of the 2012 blockbuster Man of Steel or intense thriller Side Effects, both of which draw you in, whilst not coming off as arrogant. a trap in which many a reviewer falls.

Sophie’s posts about music are also a treat, they are slightly less a review and more a wonderful autobiography of what is currently making up to the soundtrack to her life, a indie alt soundtrack that includes the likes of the Civil Wars, Bastille and Alex Clare, (not half bad if you ask me), with all the tales finishing off with an appropriate lyric from one of the artists.

Fashion and beauty also make up big parts of this blog, both just as well written as the other parts of her blog, something that means that Hold the front page can successfully interest both sexes, covering a wide range of subjects, while maximising potential subscribers.

If this has made you want to follow, why not follow this amazing blog on Bloglovin or Facebook, or follow you can Sophie on twitter.

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