Blog of the month – Amy Valentine

You have to work quite hard to stand out with a female fashion blog, there are literally thousands of them fighting it out for more subscribers, (if you don’t belive me just type #Fbloggers in on Twitter) each one of these blogs is personal to the writer and caters for a slightly different style, Amy Valentine is a rose among thorns, providing a fitting blog of the month for December.

Amy is a nineteen year old from Reading, with an eye for interesting and alternative outfits that look good in any situation, ranging from street wear to going out ensembles, make up to accessories or even Cat Ears, Amy Valentine is a one stop blog for building a unique and alternative wardrobe.

© Amy Valentine

Even though I am not Amy’s target audience, Amy Valentine is a stunning blog, it’s easy to put navigate and each post is filled with beautiful photography, making each outfit look it’s best and giving the reader some inspiration, while showcasing just how good Amy is at finding pleasing combinations and bringing out her own clear natural beauty.

© Amy Valentine

It’s not all fashion on Amy Valentine though, Amy’s life stories are interesting and well written, with plenty of photographs that give you a small insight into her clearly quite exciting life, seemingly filled with parties and soirées, fashion shows and bloggers meet ups, pretty much what every blogger hopes for when just starting off.

© Amy Valentine

Amy’s reviews are precise and to the point, for example her review of the Kindle Fire HD or of Lime Crime D’Lilac Opaque Lipstick, both are simple and easy to read and include beautiful imagery, something that is a big part of Amy’s blog, the old adage that a ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ comes to mind, because instead of paragraphs of words, she uses gorgeous and perfectly framed photos to display her alluring clothing combinations, contrasting elegantly with the wonderful retro looking Lomographic style images that make up both her festival and weekly summaries, while being surrounded buy interesting stories, adding a little personal touch to the blog, that’s probably why these posts are my favourite to read.

Given just how much photography there is on Amy Valentine, it’s nigh on impossible to chose which  images to show, with literally hundreds that would be perfect, as they clearly are perfect, but here are just a few to wet your whistle.

Lifestyle Imagery

© Amy Valentine
© Amy Valentine
© Amy Valentine

© Amy Valentine


© Amy Valentine


© Amy Valentine


© Amy Valentine


© Amy Valentine


© Amy Valentine


And earlier I did mention Cat Ears, so here you go

© Amy Valentine


For more of Amy’s work, why not check out or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Lookbook or even on Tumblr.

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