What I Learnt Last Week

The week before Christmas is a busy one, not only at work, but also rushing around to different shops, visiting people and cueing no matter where you go, though this year hasn’t been as bad as previous years.

The first thing I have discovered this week is that my wrapping skills have actually gotten worse, either that or I have bought a collection of the most awkwardly shaped items imaginable


Secondly I remember why I love this time of year so much, it is the ability to go out for meals with your friends. pretty much every day of the week and no one bats an eyelid, though if I continue to eat rich chocolate puddings all week, I will soon be extremely fat.


Thirdly I have decided that just because it is the time for giving, it is no excuse not to treat yourself, so I bought myself the ultimate blogger toy, an Ipad, so now I can enjoy one of my favourite apps, Bloglovin in much better detail.


And finally I have discovered The Londoner, a truly amazing blog with stunning photography, that you all should visit immediately.

The Londoner
© Rosie @ The Londoner

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