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A perfect combination of retro and sweet

Honeypop Header © Amanda @ Honeypop Kisses

Honeypop Kisses is the cat filled brainchild of pastel haired Glaswegian, Amanda Wilson, whose obsession for fashion, DIY and cakes, make for a wonderfully interesting read, filled creative outfits, glitter and tangent or two.

© Amanda @ Honeypop Kisses

The blog is a stylish and colourful blog, made up mostly by fashion related articles, showcasing beautifully put together outfits for most situations, but also mixing in life stories that gives the blog more of a personal feel.

© Amanda @ Honeypop Kisses

There has to be some rule that if your a blogger, you have to be a good photographer, because most of the ones I read seem to feature stunning imagery and Honeypop Kisses is no exception, Amanda’s eye for detail and artistic flair have combined to not only show off her outfit choices in the best possible way, but also makes her travel adventures look enticing and shopping suggestions look even more tempting.

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© Amanda @ Honeypop Kisses

Honeypop Kisses has fast become one of my favourite reads, something that is quite hard for a blog that is mainly focused on female fashion, but as I am a sucker of great writing and stunning photography, something Honeypop Kisses has in spades, easily making it my Blog of the month for January and the perfect way to launch 2014.

© Amanda @ Honeypop Kisses

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