What I Learnt over the Christmas Break

Hey, hope you all had a lovely holiday season, I was planning to do a What I Learnt in 2013 article, but instead, I will continue just doing short periods of time such as a week or in this case the winter break as it means I can get into a fair bit more detail.


So this year I am working in a new job which unlike my last one is practically full time and means that although I have more money, I also have less time to fit everything in, such as work, going out, blogging, listening to and watching things to review…… you get the picture, unfortunately, this has meant that I have been unable to post as much as I wished, leading me onto my first point, Evernote is probably the most important app I have, time-wise it is a lifesaver and frankly if you’re a blogger and don’t use it, you must be a wizard or have Bernard’s Watch (showing my age there), but seriously it is the best way for me to save all great articles and blogs in one place and sync it between my phone, tablet and laptop, it can do much more, but that’s all I really need it for.

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 Bloggers seem to love coffee shops, no idea why, but for some reason when I need to meet someone for an interview or just see a friend, they always seem to suggest a coffee shop, though if I have the choice, I choose a pub (not that I’m a heavy drinker, well not since university at least) but I find them better and have a wider range of drinks to choose from, but one good thing from going to so many coffee shops is that I can pick up one of these wonderful fruit & water combinations, which as I found out last week, are great cures for a common cold, this leads me onto my next point, my immune system really let me down this year, as I for the first time since I was about 8, spent New Year’s Eve at home and no it wasn’t because there was a party, it was because I was wrapped up in a blanket watching bad horror films and sneezing, it was about as fun as being forced to watch a documentary on the colour grey by Gary Barlow, but unfortunately I doubt spending the evening hopping from pub to pub was going to help me get better, but it did give me time to do a little planning for 2014 and I do have some exciting plans to tell you about soon.

Another thing that Bloggers love is taking pictures, so I have decided that is about time that I start looking for a new camera, ideally a small DSLR, or something like a Sony rx100 ii, which is small enough to use while out and powerful enough to take great images, because even though my phone has a good camera on it, I do get jealous of some pictures on other blogs, especially on their road trips, so if you have any advice for a good camera at a reasonable price, give me a shout.

What I Learnt

Now that Christmas is finished, I now have a bit more free time on my hands and that means that I have a social life back again, so I called up my friend Kerri and we hit Birmingham for a day of retail therapy and food, I truly believe that Birmingham is an underrated city, it has great shops, loads of restaurants and an exciting nightlife, so it was a good day out, resulting in a lovely meal at Wagamama and trying Iki beer for the first time, which is beer infused with green tea and isn’t half bad, im not a food/drink reviewer so I’m not even going to attempt to, but it tastes good and it’s worth trying (Responsible blogger bit: if you’re old enough and or not driving and such), the food wasn’t half bad either.

Finally, I have decided I need more bloggers to chat to on a regular basis, as it’s always good to know people in the same area of work as you, for advice and when it comes to blogging, it is quite a social medium, but a big shout out to the people that helped me with Roses Have Thought in 2013, Dean (New Music Upfront), Gemma (Stop Play Listen), Kaori (Manz) and Jess (Jess Pearson), all of which are handily located in my Blogroll.

So anyway I’m rambling and I’m off to go watch this, so Happy New Year and speak to you soon.

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