5 Blogs You Should Read This Winter

I have searched through all the blogs that I follow and found the 5 awesome blogs that you should follow this winter to get you through the bad weather and dark evenings.




The first blog you should follow, is the interesting multi media formatted Femme Face, a lovely little blog by Unicorn loving Effi Mai, covering pretty much every subject you can think of, from music to sex, food to apps and everything in between, though it is Effi’s use of her own Vlogging that makes Femme Face a little different, as her videos are funny, informative and entertaining, just what you need if your YouTube feed is lacking cool videos.





Indie Jane is the brainchild of 25 year old photographer Amanda, whose blog mixes  wonderful outfits and interesting adventures with stunning photography to produce a beautiful and uplifting collection of stories, while showcasing Amanda’s skill as a top class photographer, this blog is just what you need if you want ideas for all you aspiring portrait photographers.





Bristol in my Pocket is a cracking blog, charting the adventures of Sara Rose, an American studying in Bristol, exploring cool new places and photographing her way across the UK and time back home in Texas, this is a lovely little blog that showcases some of the cool places and is always a cheerful read, perfect for a boring train ride or dull lunch break.




Ebba Zingmark is by far my favourite dual language, charting the trials and tribulations of Swedish model Ebba Zingmark, whose adventures while doing shoots all over the world is a perfect piece of escapism, putting you into the glamours lifestyles of international fashion photography, not bad for someone who is still only the tender age of 18, this blog is a great read for anyone interested in fashion, photography or travel, plus if you try hard enough, im sure you can learn a little Swedish.





Rosalilium is a compact and insightful lifestyle guide, written by constant traveller Elizabeth, though she is currently based in Birmingham, Rosalilium is a lovely personal blog, filled with advice and a giver away or two, it is the place to go for cute stories, from what to buy your partner to how to cook a vegetable thai curry and everything in between, with every article leaving you feeling happier as a result of reading them and looking forwards to the next random instalment, this is the perfect read for the commute, giving you that spark of inspiration just when you need it.

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