Film Review | The Bell Witch Haunting


Director: Glenn Miller

Starring: Marissa Lynne Johnson, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Cat Alter

Genre: Horror

Released: November 2013

Not going to lie, I love a good found footage horror, though the important word there is good, sadly, however, entertaining found-footage films are pretty rare, something that is a surprise given just how many found-footage horror films have come out since The Blair Witch Project made every young filmmaker think that they could make a good film on a budget of next to nothing.

The Bell Witch Haunting tells the story of the Sawyer family experiences at the hands of the fabled Bell Witch, using footage from the families video cameras, security tapes and mobile phone footage, edited together by the police while investigating the murders of the family, the Bell Witch Haunting is a surprisingly better-than-average horror film, using the clearly small budget to maximum effect and apart from a few dodgy effects, the film does its job as a good piece of escapism.


The Bell Witch Haunting is carried in part by the young cast, especially Cat Alter, who plays Dana and Julia Cearley, who plays Janette, both of which become the focus on the witch and without their solid acting, the film just wouldn’t have worked, both of which go through pretty dramatic transformations, Dana goes from a happy-go-lucky teenager to a girl who is scared constantly, whereas Janette is the matriarch that attempts to hold the family together while the supernatural forces conspire to rip them apart.

This film is a solid little horror film, using the found footage genre to good effect and producing something that is easy to follow, doesn’t have too many predictable jumps scares and leaves you satisfied, just what you want from a low budget horror flick, let’s see what’s next for the Dana Sawyer Bell Witch.

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