Photographer of the Month: Lucinda Grange

The rise of ‘Daredevil photography’ has a new star.

© Lucinda Grange

British born photographer Lucinda Grange has been receiving a lot of publicity recently, her combination of inaccessible locations with stunning  views and stylish shots has meant that Lucinda is fast becoming a star of the photographic world, not bad for someone that only started documenting her urban exploration as a hobby, 6 years ago.

© Lucinda Grange

Location is a big part of Lucida’s work be it the deepest part of the New York Subway, to the top of a disused communist building in Bulgaria, with each shot helping to form part of a story, one that has to be shown, so you can understand trouble and effort that she has to go through to get that one incredible shot.

© Lucinda Grange

Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen her name in practically every newspaper, with all of them praising her stunning photography, not bad for a 24 year old from the North East town of Hartlepool, making a career out of traveling the world, exploring locations that are off the beaten track, all so that she can capture that impossible shot, with urban landscape fast becoming her speciality, usually mixed in with a touch of urban decay, giving the images a real earthiness, that contrasts well against a cleaner and more celestial backgrounds.

© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange

But climbing high up above the world, is only half of Lucinda’s photographic style, one week she could be sat of the edge of a skyscraper ledge, the next she could be descending deep under the ground, be it caves, subways or sewers, with the only consistency being the art of showing humans in inhospitable locations and the beauty of her work, it truly is a testament to Lucinda, just how much effort she has to go through for her photographs.

Here are a few of my favourite shots by Lucinda:

© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange
© Lucinda Grange
For more of Lucinda’s work, why not check out her Facebook or her Website.


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