Photographer of the Month: Ella Ruth

Last month I set up a second blog in conjunction with good friend and fellow blogger Gemma Stevenson (Stop Play Listen), this meant hunting high and low for pretty pictures of Shropshire (I know, I have a hard life), that is how I happened across the Shrewsbury based photographer Ella Ruth and her beautifully skilled images.

© Ella Ruth Photography

Ella’s photography covers a multitude of genres, from Landscape images that are a showcase in using natural light to produce dreamlike imagery, produced by mixing nature combined with the human form, while using faded colours to evoke the feeling of a distant memory or happy times, her fashion imagery is stylized and artistic, bringing out the beauty in the models and the clothing, producing pictures that you can’t help being captivated by and her conceptual work is interesting and playful, whilst producing deep thoughts on the subject matter.

small 1
© Ella Ruth Photography

Ella’s work is a treat to the viewer, something that you wouldn’t expect for a photographer that is so young, especially given that her images cover multiple genres, with each collection of pictures just as visually breathtaking as the last, that is why Ella Ruth is my photographer for February.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of Ella’s work.

© Ella Ruth Photography


© Ella Ruth Photography
Conceptual 10
© Ella Ruth Photography
Conceptual 8
© Ella Ruth Photography
Conceptual 1
© Ella Ruth Photography

For more of Ella’s work, why not check out her Website, Twitter, Blog or Flickr (Don’t say I never give you options)

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