5 Songs for the Post Valentines Blues

Frankly I am well adjusted and not that unhappy that I am single this Valentines day, but if you spend any time on Twitter in the weeks running up to the day, you are very aware that there are a lot of unhappy single people out there, so in essence this is for you, or anyone that quite enjoys a sad song or two, with valuable life lessons mixed in to help you possibly find the one, though bare in mind that I have already mentioned my singledom, so take this with a pinch of salt.

1. Prince – Purple Rain


This song is a classic.

To start off, if you don’t like prince, then your views on music are not welcome here, joke (kinda), title song from Princes 6th studio album, Purple Rain quickly became one of his best known songs, mixing gospel with rock and electronica, heavy in religious overtones and Princes lyrics are sweet and poetic, a nice way to start off, sad but not to depressing.

2. A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover


It’s criminal how few people know about A Fine Frenzy.

A Fine Frenzy, real name Alison Sudol is an Seattle born, LA raised singer songwriter, borrowing her style from the great singers, who like her, only needed a piano and a voice, Almost Lover is no exception, dripping with the emotion that follows a break up, filled with loneliness and desperation, this will not be the song to cheer you up, but it’s such a pretty song that you just won’t mind, this is the song that helps you get all your emotion out, after all,  a well adjusted person doesn’t bottle it all up.

3. Dashboard Confessional – Stolen


Depicting the story of love through time.

Released in 2007 by American pop rock band Dashboard Confessional, Stolen is a wonderful little song, combining Chris Carrabba’s beautifully honest vocals with lyrics that perfectly represent the journey of tow people in love, in a way that is both nostalgic and wishful, producing a wonderful pop rock ballad, this is the song that can make you dream of that magical and fairytale romance that just might be possible

4. Howie Day – Collide


It’s strange which artists from 2004 are still around.

Back in July 2004, American singer songwriter Howie Day was releasing his second full length album Stop All the World Now and with is came the lovely pop ballad, Collide, a song about two friends that  have transitioned to become lovers, now they have to fight to stay strong and make it work, this song is perfect for those of you stuck in the friend zone, though really instead of playing this song to them, you should just grow some balls and tell them.

5. Counting Crows – Colorblind


There’s positives and negatives to every aspect of life

Counting Crows should have two reasons to be pleased with their 1999 song Colorblind, firstly it was one of the best songs in one of the best films of 1999, Cruel Intentions and secondly they produced a song that promotes the theory that accepting someone for who they are, every aspect of their life, including yourself, is what you need to do to be completely happy,  a pretty important message for anyone that is looking to get into a relationship, because if your not happy about who you are, then your unlikely to be ready to commit yourself to anyone completely.

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