Alex Bradbury | Vatnajökull Glacier Iceland

Alex Bradbury has captured a scene that is almost otherworldly whilst staying simple.

© Alex Bradbury

With its rugged untamed landscapes, volcanos and snow-covered valleys around every corner, Iceland over the last few years has seemingly become somewhat of a mecca to photographers the world over, but there are few that I have seen recently that can rival the shots Alex Bradbury managed to capture when exploring the Vatnajökull glacier back in 2013.

His images depicting the caves Jagged rocks, flowing water and ice provide a perfect contrast, whilst the blue light that seeps through gives the images an almost magical feeling, thus prompting me to add the Iceland ice caves to my bucket list of places I would like to visit.

Bellow are just some of Alex’s beautiful shots.

© Alex Bradbury Photography
© Alex Bradbury Photography
© Alex Bradbury Photography
© Alex Bradbury Photography


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