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Working in event promotions, different songs and videos get sent to me from all over the place, for the most part, they aren’t great, but every so often you come across a talented new artist or an interesting song, such as tonight when I was sent a video of Scandinavian folk band Boho Dancers new song Fictional Reasons.

Boho Dancers are a folk trio from Copenhagen in Denmark, made up of Asker Bjørk, Símun Mohr and Ida Wenøe, whose music can only be described as stripped back sweetness, that when combines with lyrics that have a personal edge, produce a harmony that leaves you with a feeling of summer.

Describing their influences as artists such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Fleet Foxes, something that most deferentially comes thought in both Ida’s vocals as well as Símun and Asker’s music, whilst producing simultaneously their own unique sound.

For more updates about Boho Dancers, why not visit their Website or their Facebook.

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