Blog of the Month: Dainty Ghosts

Dainty Ghosts is just so quirky and unique, it just had to be my Blog of the month for March

© Claire Fearon

Dainty Ghosts is the brainchild of Northern Irish student Claire, who has managed to produce a blog that even in the short time it has been going, has managed to build up a strong following and even from the first post of hers that you read, you can just sense that this is going to be a blog that is both playful and entertaining

© Claire Fearon

Her work is clearly influenced by a keen eye for design, it comes though in her cute and quirky writing style, the illustrations that fit the post down to a T and beautifully shot photography that draws the reader in. all of which is coupled with a flair for jabbering on (kinda the point of blogging really when you consider it), this is the successful technique that has meant that followers have grown like a moth to a flame, with over 100 following her in the first month alone, clearly they like myself enjoy her happy go lucky style and quirky nature.

© Claire Fearon

Her style is mirrored in the design of the blog, doing what she can with Blogspot’s limited design options, using colour to it’s maximum extent, be it in the photography she takes, the clothing she wears or the background used, these all mix together to make a blog that is friendly ans welcoming, so if like me you read a broad range of blogs, then this one should be top of your light reading lifestyle list.

© Claire Fearon

For more of Claire’s work, you can visit her blog or via Bloglovin.


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