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There is only one word that could describe Max Raptor when they performed at the o2 Academy in Birmingham: Energetic.


From the moment they hit then stage, till the time they finished, the intensity of their set was impressive, mostly because of lead vocalist Wil Ray’s inability to stand still for more than a second, showing the kind of stage presence that most front men can only dream of, jumping all over the place and getting right into the faces of crowd, myself included.

‘England Breathes’ was by far the stand out song of the evening, bringing up immigration and its effect on the country, with stand out lyrics such as “Get over it, England breathes as it does, it’s a lung with people moving in and out”. It’s admirable the sentiment that Max Raptor are attempting to get across.

This show was somewhat of a homecoming for the Burton based punk rock band, who wasted no time in proving why they are currently one of the best rock bands in the Midlands, not content to stick to just one genre, they mix in some ska and grunge influences, to produce a truly complex sound. The lyrics are possibly some of the best I have heard from a rock band in a long time, covering a wide range of subjects from love to politics and everything in between. Songs such as ‘Evangeline’ and ‘The King is Dead’ draw the crowd in, making them rally together, injecting some fun into the evening and producing a great gig, which was filled with surprises including running into Page 3 model Lucy Vixen and receiving a signed copy of Max Raptor’s latest album Mother’s Ruin.

If you like bands such as Billy Talent, Hildamay and Blood Red Shoes, then Max Raptor are right up your street, mixing layered lyrics, huge guitar riffs and seriously good vocals from the start to finish, you should most definitely checkout Mother’s Ruin or see them live at Sonisphere 2014.

If you want to know more about the band, you can follow them via their Facebook or Twitter.

Originally written for IKE Productions.

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