Frank Hallam Day

Today I decided to take a look at the work of self-taught photographer Frank Hallam Day

airstream trailer, florida at night
© Frank Hallam Day

Washington-based fine art photographer is a very busy man indeed, somehow finding the time to teach photography at multiple educational establishments as well as travelling the world talking some of the most interesting fine art photography that I have had the pleasure of seeing this year.

© Frank Hallam Day

Frank’s work was first brought to my attention when I stumbled upon an article where Frank spoke about his work photographing ships hulls, producing a succession of images that contrast the rusting metal  with the dark and foreboding water, something that I found rather interesting and I just had to find out more about the man behind the lens.

Cherry Blossom 1
© Frank Hallam Day

The first thing you notice about Frank’s work is that he doesn’t go in for overly complicated shots, instead he finds the beauty in the simple things, always managing to produce beautifully taken shots that are pleasing to the eye, not many photographers would have looked at a rusting ship and be confident enough to just photograph a small part of it, but Frank did and he managed to capture beauty in something that most people wouldn’t give a second thought.

pakistan 1
© Frank Hallam Day

Sublime simplicity is a theme that run’s through all of his work, be it the deepest part of a far off jungle, or down town Lahore, his work is always a pleasure to look at, with my personal favourites coming from his RV Night series and his work in Pakistan.

Here are some more examples of Franks Work

Cherry Blossom 2
© Frank Hallam Day
cherry blossom 3
© Frank Hallam Day

cherry blossom 4
© Frank Hallam Day

forrest night1
© Frank Hallam Day
forrest night2
© Frank Hallam Day

forrest night3
© Frank Hallam Day

rv night 2
© Frank Hallam Day
ship wreck1
© Frank Hallam Day

ship wreck2
© Frank Hallam Day

ship wreck3
© Frank Hallam Day

For more information check out his Website

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