Music | Silent Album = Spotify Funded Tour

LA based funk band Vulfperk may just have stumbled upon a great idea to fund an upcoming US Tour.

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You probably haven’t heard of Vulfpeck and now your about to hear even less of them, but this time it’s on purpose as the Los Angeles based indie funk band have figured out a pretty incredible way to pay for their forthcoming tour, paid for by building up the $0.005 that they get every time someone plays one of their tracks on Spotify.

Vulfpeck_The_405Given how the band need roughly $4000 to put on their tour, you would think it would be years to build up enough money, but their latest album Sleepify is designed purely to gain money form the system, with ten 30 second tracks made up of silence, with the idea that you play their songs on loop overnight and earning them $4 in the process, eventually after 774 listens they will have enough to play for free in the town that the most amount of listens came from.

I’m guessing when they turn up they will be playing music rather than silence, so here’s what you can look forwards to

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