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Breakthrough act of 2014, might it be Chlöe Howl?


What an exciting year singer songwriter Chlöe Howl has got lined up for herself, just getting back from memorizing crowds at this years SXSW festival, the young BBC Sound of 2014 hopeful is now getting ready to release her début album and if it’s anything like her latest single Rumour then this young singer from Maidstone is making a strong case to be crowned break through act of the year.

Famous for her natural take on electro-pop, tongue in cheek lyrics and charming persona, Howl’s has been embraced by the indie world, quickly becoming the darling of the with NME and BBC Radio 1 crowd, both of which have championed her last two singles, her excellent début single No Strings and Paper Heart, the song that put her on the radar for most hip-hop/electro/pop fans.

Howl’s energy stems from her youth, with each song filled with tales of growing up in Berkshire, the numerous rumours about her after embarking on her music career after leaving school, the tabloids that have hounded her and young love, all of which she manages to do in a charming yet edgy manner, but unfortunately down to her London twang and controversial nature has meant that people have found it to easy to pigeon-hole her, placing  her somewhere between Kate Nash and Lilly Allen, but in my opinion Howl has managed to develop a more punk rock meets bounce electro feel, putting her in a more unique genre, that given her young age, I am quite excited see alter and develop as she grows as a musician.

Chlöe’s single Rumour is now available to download, with an album planned for the 9th of June, so expect to hear a lot about her in 2014 and beyond.

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Tour Dates

03.05.14 – Live At Leeds (Tickets)

08.05.14 – The Great Escape, Brighton (Tickets)

03.06.14 – Scala, London (Tickets)

13.06.14 – Isle of Wight Festival (Tickets)

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