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Gearing up towards the release of their next single, Bullet, Scandinavian alt-pop duo Kill J, are my first Roses Introducing, their hype has been steadily building since last summer.
Hailing from Denmark, Kill J use their classical music upbringing to form the backbone of their songs, adding some R&B and soul influences, before topping their sound off with some beautifully poetic lyrics, sang in an almost childlike voice, much the same as American musician Grimes, all of
which combines to produce a songs that are almost impossible not to be captivated  by.

Made up by musician Kill and vocalist J, Kill J has set about forming an entirely new sub-genre within the alternative pop scene, think Bjork meets Grimes, with a touch of Alt-J and your almost there, but it’s J’s stunning Danish singing voice that makes their songs truly unique, this is especially true in their first single, Phoenix, a song that is practically perfect in its dark yet crisp delicate nature, this is the tune that first drew me to the group and took all of about 5 seconds to make me fall in love with them.

If you live in London, you are in luck as they are making their UK début, supporting Tove Lo at the Notting Hill Arts Club tomorrow night, if I were you, I would be making my way down there to check them out before they as big as I predict that they will become.

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