Photographer of the Month: Emma Swann

To kick off April with a bang, I take a look at London based music photographer Emma Swann

Haim © Emma Swann
Haim © Emma Swann

After founding indie music based DIY back in 2011, Emma Swann now works as the in-house photographer for the magazine, placing her right in the middle of a musical bubble and meaning that she is privileged enough to photograph some of the UK’s hottest musicians, gaining access to some pretty lively after-parties and experiencing the best gigs around, it’s pretty impossible not to be immensely jealous of her, but given how good her images are, you may as well just sit back and enjoy.

Courtney Barnett © Emma Swann

Split into three categories, Emma’s work involves studio, live and candid photographs, covering the full spectrum of music photography, all of which capture the different aspects of the artist. The studio work is interesting and stylish, putting the subject(s) in locations and positions which perfectly representing them and their music style, with the likes of FoxesChloe HowlSuperfood and Metronomy lining up to get their photographs taken at her London studios.

Tyler the Creator © Emma Swann
Tyler the Creator © Emma Swann

As anyone that’s ever attempted to capture pictures at a live event can tell you, it’s is incredibly difficult, but Emma seems to take it in her stride, possessing an eye for that one perfectly moment that represents the gig entirely, capturing the energy of the event in one go and making it look much easier than it really is.

Swim Deep and Wolf Alice © Emma Swann

Luckily for Emma, working for DIY comes with certain perks and privileges, including gaining access backstage at festivals and gigs, capturing the artists in their down time, showing the world some of the antics that go on before and after the sets and getting to party along with the musicians, a truly hard life indeed, if anything Emma should be admired for turning a dream into a reality in only three years.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs © Emma Swann

check bellow to see just how many bands you can spot in and amongst some more examples of Emma’s great photographic work, which have previously been featured right here on RHT,

Yacht © Emma Swann
Royal Blood © Emma Swann
Charli XCX © Emma Swann
Honeyblood © Emma Swann
Bastille © Emma Swann
Deap Vally © Emma Swann
Chvrches © Emma Swann
Chloe Howl © Emma Swann
Foxes © Emma Swann
Superfood © Emma Swann
Bat For Lashes © Emma Swann
Bat For Lashes © Emma Swann

Check out more of Emma’s work via her Blog, Facebook, Twitter or her Website.



  1. Fantastic profile of a very talented photographer. Having been photographed as a musician here in Toronto when I was younger, I have always had a huge interest in music photography. It takes a real skill to shoot concerts.

    Great blog… I’m a new fan.

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