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A blog that will make you hungrier than watching a Man vs. Food marathon.

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Taylah A.K.A the Birmingham Student Foodie

In my first adventure into the food blogging world, I’ve taken a liking to the adventures as the Birmingham Student Foodie, also known as Birmingham based student Taylah Catlow,  who spends her time reviewing the food & drink that the second city has to offer, whilst also sharing her own delicious recipes for everything from Beef Ramen to Creme Fraiche.

Kesh’s Coffee Cup © Birmingham Student Foodie

I first discovered the Birmingham Student Foodie a few months back and have been checking in to see where I should go to eat and drink when I visit the city ever since, this was down to it’s wonderful suggestions for every type of food available and a growing list of cocktail bars to try out, (yeah I drink them, don’t judge me), if anything Taylah has given me too many places that I need to visit and not enough time to do so.

Lost and Found © Birmingham Student Foodie

But it’s not just her suggestions for where to eat that I have been following, I’ve also taken to trying out some of her recipes, with loads to choose from and a different style covered practically every time, I’ve been expanding the dishes that I am able to confidently produce, including the delicious Chicken Katsu Curry, a dish that has fast become a favourite of mine to cook when entertaining friends and family, whilst the Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake has been added to the list of future attempts, as it looks truly tantalising, though given that its me cooking it, we shall see how it turns out.

Chicken Katsu Curry © Birmingham Student Foodie

With this type of blog, the instructions are the most important part, luckily for me, the ones for Taylah’s dishes are simple and easy to follow, with every step broken down to the point that even someone like myself, with a limited cooking ability can produce easy enough, finishing up with meals that not only look & taste good, but also wont break the bank, it is a student blog after all, meaning that these meals don’t have to only be for special occasions, but instead you can produce healthy and fulfilling meals on a regular basis.

Mango Mousse Cheesecake with Mango Coulis and Raspberry © Birmingham Student Foodie

Birmingham Student Foodie has gone from strength to strength since it’s creation back in November 2013, with Taylah’s skill as a blogger getting better with every post, meaning it wasn’t a surprise when her reviews/recipes started to get featured on some more established food/night life websites, including recent published articles on  Dine BirminghamDesign My Night and Student Life.

Pineapple and Passion Fruit Mojito © Birmingham Student Foodie

This blog is the perfect place to go if you’re a student looking for something to cook on a budget, someone who is going to be in Birmingham and you’re not sure where to eat, or like me, not the most confident chef and need well written and easy to understand guides to cooking some truly delirious food, so for the reason that it’s expanded my culinary pallet, Birmingham Student Foodie is my blog of the month and you should all check it out right now.


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