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This six piece psychedelic rock band Neon Waltz have pretty much come out of nowhere.


Hailing from the remote area of Caithness at the northern tip of Scotland, Neon Waltz come from practically the most remote part of Britain, something that comes out in this six pieces brand of psychedelic meets indie rock.

Their mixture of psychedelic rock and moody indie is extremely resistant of mid 90’s Brit-pop with a touch of late 00’s indie, think Oasis meets Vampire Weekend, something which is best showcased in their first demo Sombre Fayre, a song filled with an almost shoegazey feeling and a wonderful mixture of angst and melodramatic lyrics, I for one can’t wait to hear some more of their stuff, which until they release more material, will have to be at one of their upcoming live gigs.

This young band recently signed to Ignition Management, home of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Young Rebel Set, they are about to set upon a succession of sets at various festivals around the UK, including the Kilmarnock’s Dirty WeekenderWickerman and Great Escape festival, as well as touring along with American indie band Augustines, meaning that there will be plenty of opportunity to see these talented young lads.

If you like: Oasis, Vampire Weekend, Ghost Wave, Soak


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