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The one name that you will see popping up everywhere this summer


Whilst researching gigs and festivals for both this blog and for IKE, I have started to see one name popping up more often than Arctic Monkeys in NME, that name was Courtney Barnett, the Australian singer-songwriter whose double EP A Sea of Split Peas has brought her to the attention both British and American music fans, something which was helped by praise-filled reviews in both Pitchfolk and NME.

Barnett is a 26-year-old from Melbourne, who sings with a hybrid spoken word style, filled with charming yet candid lyrics, which chart her almost carefree life that is threatened by self-doubt and worry, happily singing about masturbation and panic attacks in a way that doesn’t come off as gimmicky or as a publicity stunt, but instead is a witty and interesting topic that fits right into her slacker indie anti-princess image.



The stand-out  track on her EP is lead track Avant Gardener, a song about the unemployed narrators efforts to get her front garden in order, a mundane task which Barnett has turned into a funny and compelling story filled with frustration and personality, giving you a pretty good idea what to expect to from the rest of the Double EP.

Barnett’s songs are for those of us slackers out their, whose minds drift from subject to subject and sometimes life skips you by, her songs are about what she thought about that day, feeling both fresh and unique, containing some of the most true-to-life lyrics around, that is why I can’t wait to see her live next month and for her début album to be released.


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